Visual Art Post Academy Session

The Post Academy period is designed to allow each TAA participant the opportunity to gain additional Academy credit hours. In order to receive the TAA certificate, participants need to achieve a total of 36 TAA credit hours.  TAA is offering a variety of activities that allow you to quickly and easily reach the 36-hour benchmark.  

Below you will find two sessions that are being taught over the TAA Zoom platform.  On July 22nd there is an optional one-hour Networking and Collaboration session that will help you to reflect and act on learning from this summer's TAA sessions. On July 24th all TAA participants are expected to attend two final wrap-up classes with their core instructors.

Additional suggested activities for earning Post Academy credit hours can be found by visiting the Post Academy pull-down menu on this site, where you can access numerous archived musings, art exhibition tours, TAA Chorale performances, and a host of additional viewing opportunities and resources.  

For further information, you may also wish to view the TAA Credit Hours Overview page for a breakdown of the hours needed to successfully complete the 2020 Tennessee Arts Academy and to gain the 36 hours needed to receive the TAA certificate.

Special thanks to Tennessee Book Company and Adolph Thornton Jr., aka Young Dolph for their generous support of Networking and Collaboration Day and the final Core Faculty Wrap-up Day!

Wednesday July 22

(All Times Listed Are Central Daylight Time)

TAA Networking & Collaboration Day

The purpose of the networking and collaboration sessions is to provide space for Academy participants to reflect and act on learning from this summer's TAA sessions. Participants will work collaboratively to create new teaching strategies, strengthen professional networks, and synthesize and connect learning with existing and newly created professional goals. A facilitator will guide the session.

9:00–10:00 am (CDT)

Friday July 24

(All Times Listed Are Central Daylight Time)

Final Wrap-up

Core Session 1

9–10:30 am (CDT)

Tennessee Arts Academy

Belmont University / 1900 Belmont Blvd. / Nashville,TN 37212

Email: / Phone: 615-460-5451

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